Honing Your Communication Skills Class

On Tuesday, May 17, marketing and communications expert Kathy Dempsey visited SENYLRC to help members brush up their skills so that they could tell their library's story and communicate the value of what librarians do. The event was sponsored by the Hospital Library Services Program at SENYLRC. Attendees worked on crafting their elevator speeches, statements designed quickly get to the most effective point one can make when talking with a stakeholder. Some of the attendees have agreed to share their work from the class, which you can see below:

"Why do you still need a library? Research takes time, time is money, I save you both."
"Who cares what we did?! Instead, care about what we provided – I provide uber-current information to staff so they can quickly and confidently diagnose and treat patients.  I make sure staff have the information and the expert help necessary for effective management."
Final value statement:
The Knowledge Resources Library will be a place where people encounter an amazing professional service that connects them to the information they need for patient care and decision-making."
- MaryJo Russell, Librarian at Vassar Brothers Medical Center

First draft at a value statement:
"All of us are feeling inundated and overwhelmed by information. You need someone trained to navigate this mass and give you direct, succinct, and relevant information for your needs. With your busy schedules, you don’t have time."
Revised value statement, after honing in on the key points:
"Save your time! You need current information for your practices and patients. I’ll get that for you so you can concentrate on them!"
- Frank Appell, Librarian at Good Samaritan Hospital