The Board of Trustees is entrusted with the governance of Southeastern NY Library Resources Council (SENYLRC).

SENYLRC's Mission:
The mission of Southeastern NY Library Resources Council is to support its members in the Mid-Hudson Valley in order to enrich their services and enhance access to information for their users.

SENYLRC's Vision:
Achieve service excellence in libraries by:

  • Thoughtfully applying emerging technologies to resource sharing, collection building, information access and communications
  • Providing imaginative, accessible and relevant development opportunities for staff at all levels
  • Becoming a focal point for the exchange of ideas, collaboration, the development of new tools and the promotion of the transforming power of libraries.

SENYLRC by-laws (.pdf)
Appendix A (.pdf) - Requirements / Service Criteria for Governing Membership
Appendix B (.pdf) - HRVH Membership Agreement

Published Annual Reports:
2015-2016 annual report (.pdf)
2014-2015 annual report (.pdf)
2013-2014 annual report (.pdf)
2012-2013 annual report (.pdf)

Plan of Service, Strategic Plan, Feasibility Study:
2016-2021 plan of service (.pdf)
2016-2019 strategic plan (.pdf)
2013 feasibility study (.pdf)

Archives from the Board of Trustees monthly meetings can be found here.

Fees for membership and services can be found here.