SENYLRC Members learn about Wikipedia

On Tuesday, February 3rd, Dorothy Howard, Metro's Wikipedian-in-residence, visited Southeastern NY Library Resources Council (SENYLRC) to teach members the ins and outs of editing Wikipedia.

After covering basics about Wikipedia styling and ground rules, Dorothy taught the attendees how to use their accounts to go in and start editing articles. Using the website's "sandbox" feature, everyone was able to create their first article. Once the class got comfortable, the next step was to make edits to live pages, and each person in the class either made improvements to the Wikipedia page about their hometown or their area of academic expertise.

The outcome of the class was that attendees felt empowered to go forth and make edits to pages that relate to their institution's holdings, and to teach colleagues how to do the same. These edits, in addition to uploading new content to Wikipedia Commons, will allow for better access to the digital assets these institutions have online.

Dorothy provided us with the following resources so we can master Wikipedia editing:
The SENYLRC Wikipedia Meetup Page:
Resources for future Wikipedia editing:
All about the GLAM (Galleries, Libraries, Archives, and Museums) Wikipedia adventures:
Follow what's new on Wikimedia NYC:
Follow Dorothy on Twitter: @DorothyR_Howard