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Coming on April 21, 2016...

SENY-Con 2017!

(A SENYLRC Member Conference)

Your Proposals:

Submit them here! On Friday, April 21, 2017, Southeastern will host our second annual conference to highlight the unique talents residing at our member organizations. Are you working on a presentation for a conference like NYLA or SUNYLA and want to give it a test run in front of a friendly audience? Did you already present something at a conference that would be of interest to a local audience? Do you want to share something you do at work - best practices - with others? Could you use a forum to practice your public presentation skills? We invite you to share your knowledge with your colleagues at SENY-Con 2017! Using the form here, please let us know about your project, idea, or presentation, and the best proposals will earn a spot at SENY-Con.

Proposals are due Wednesday, February 17, 2017.

We are looking for:

  • Presentations from 20-60 minutes
  • Group or individual presentations
  • Library-related programs
  • Presentations on productivity, management, or any other skill share
  • Tech solutions
  • Cultural heritage presentations
  • Your great ideas!

The bottom line:
If you're a member, and you're doing something cool at work...
Share it at SENY-Con!
Apply here: