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Regional ILL Code & Procedures
Interlibrary Loan Resources
Southeastern Interlibrary Loan Referral Form
Southeastern Access to Libraries (SEAL)
Southeastern Special Library Catalog (SE_SLC)

ILL Documents online:
Southeastern Referral Card (.doc)
Southeastern Referral Card Booklet (.doc)

Regional ILL Code & Procedures:
Regional ILL Code (.pdf)
Regional ILL Procedures (.pdf)
ALA ILL Form (.doc)
Reasons for No (.pdf)
Procedures for ILL of Medical Information (.pdf)

Southeastern New York Library Resources Council facilitates the lending and borrowing of books, journals and other media among all types of libraries in the eight-county service area.

Southeastern Access to Libraries (SEAL) comprises a virtual union catalog of the books, magazines and other formats owned by the several hundred public, school, college, special and hospital libraries in the region. SEAL also incorporates a web-based interlibrary loan management system. Patrons and library staff can search the SEAL Virtual Union Catalog and then staff will place an interlibrary loan request to the owning library(ies) in the region.

Southeastern places interlibrary loan requests in OCLC's ILL System on behalf of member libraries that do not participate in the OCLC interlibrary loan system. Southeastern requests medical books and periodical articles on behalf of all libraries in the region using the OCLC ILL system and the National Library of Medicine's DOCLINE system. Lender's fees for these requests are subsidized through the Southeastern-administered Medical Information Services Program (MISP).