The Southeastern Shadow Program

A one-to-one program for members to visit other members and experience a different workplace.

The Southeastern Shadowing Program matches librarians* with each other for half a day so they can see how others work. This is not job training or mentoring, but a chance for individuals to meet and share ideas, resources, and get firsthand experience in a similar or different work environment.

How it works: Using the online form, either enroll to shadow another person at their workplace, or to let someone shadow you for a day, or both.

Enrollees should be available for a 4-hour period of time during the workday and should confirm that they have supervisor approval to host or to visit. This program will only work if we have enough willing enrollees and volunteers, so we encourage you to sign up if you physically have the space for a guest to shadow you. You might think someone else might not be interested in your job, but there’s a good chance that what seems routine to you will be brand new and informative for someone else.

The form will be open from now until Wednesday, October 25, 2017. When all the requests are received, Southeastern will be a "matchmaker" based on your responses. Once you are matched with a colleague in the region, the two of you can communicate to work out a schedule of when to meet. 

*This program is open to all Southeastern members at all organization types, not just those with a library degree.

Questions? email Carolyn.